Friday, May 21, 2010

it has to be said.

ok i just have to say this. i know this came out just about a month ago, but it just keeps irking at me. i know this is supposed to be all modern and the things she does are supposed to be edgy. and in all fairness, i kind of have a lot hate relationship with GaGa, but this time...its definitely a hate.

i dont think this is...out there, or whatever you want to call it. to me. its kind of sacrilege. its a birkin for god sake. its one of the most revered and special bags. with years and years of waiting lists. she's LUCKY to have it. something she probably forgets. and she WRITES ONE IT?!

and even later on she and terence koh (canadian artist) doodle is to decimation.

sure i get it. avant garde bull and what not.

to me. its pure ugliness and cloaked in a sense of deserving. disgusting.

1 comment:

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