Saturday, June 26, 2010

fyi. moved websites. same name. but on tumblr.

Friday, May 21, 2010

it has to be said.

ok i just have to say this. i know this came out just about a month ago, but it just keeps irking at me. i know this is supposed to be all modern and the things she does are supposed to be edgy. and in all fairness, i kind of have a lot hate relationship with GaGa, but this time...its definitely a hate.

i dont think this is...out there, or whatever you want to call it. to me. its kind of sacrilege. its a birkin for god sake. its one of the most revered and special bags. with years and years of waiting lists. she's LUCKY to have it. something she probably forgets. and she WRITES ONE IT?!

and even later on she and terence koh (canadian artist) doodle is to decimation.

sure i get it. avant garde bull and what not.

to me. its pure ugliness and cloaked in a sense of deserving. disgusting.

its where it all comes from

so much of my inspiration from life comes from the music i listen to. i dont know how many times i woke up listening to some sort of 80s music and that day walked out of the house wearing my hair all too large or ripped up my clothes.

hands down my favorite band....the clash. i mean it just doesnt get better than that. i love them so much it almost hurts. i cant watch their videos without wanting to throw on some wayfarers and a leather jacket (both of which i will get my hands on soon). everyone should be required in life to watch their live: revolution rock documentary and their rude boy semi-documentary. get on it.

in the meantime. here's some more modern music for you. give a listen my loves. and then got on the clash education!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mcqueen's skulls

this picture is for lack of being able to find one of Alexander McQueen's new eyewear advertisement. if you can get your hands on a W magazine, go to page 39 so that your life can change. it is absolutely amazing. bright bright reds. peachy pink creams. and my obsession with skulls doesnt hurt.

he is amazing in life and death.

enrich yourself and find it. im just in awe. love.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

daddy needs a new pair of shoes (always)

i think one of the most amusing things in life is those moments when you make little realizations about yourself, how you life your life, how you function, whatever it might be. driving home from mother's day this weekend my mom and i drove past a local casino.
i made the comment to her that casino's were just something i didnt understand. sure i mean i can see the appeal of vegas casinos. no its not for me.
but that's more from personal past experiences biasing me from liking it.
long story. maybe, my lovelies, one day i will share it.
ok ADD aside, i can understand most people's appeal for close together casinos, mixed with bars, clubs, gorgeous people, and all night glamour.
but local side of the road casinos??? thats just something i cant wrap my head around. if you're a frequenter, take no offense, but they just seem a little trashy to me.
but lo and behold, my ever speculative mother makes an observation.......i am an avid ebay-er (as i believe i mentioned in the past).
and i dont mean just a little. i mean to the point that friends and professors alike make fun of me, ask me what im bidding on this time, and even just as of last week told me to talk about class....not fashion (im sorry, but i maintain that my priorities are in order).
ebay is my gambling. do i win everything? no. do i bid a lot? of course. its a high. its fun. is it a little trashy? yes.
to each his own i suppose.
PS lovelies, that picture is from this month's vogue supplement on accessories and is amazing. i would have shown other pictures, but there's quite a bit of boobies. do yourself some good and go pick it up. i dont like andy warhol. but this is just captivating.
bravo to grace, as im sure that layout was her doing. i want to be her.

Friday, April 30, 2010

and another one. and another. and another.

its been a few days since ive posted anything. so to make up for it, i think i'll try and do two posts today. although this one will be brief.
its funny, my mom and i have a running joke that i can walk into my room feeling overwhelmed and fully assured in the fact that i have a shopping problem (i, no joke, havent slept in my room in awhile because there is absolutley no room for me...and yes, i finally bought a garment rack to try and help the problem)....having said all this, i was into my room completely beside myself and walk out feeling like i own NOTHING.
im realizing that im definitely the kind of person that wears something one or two times, and feels the need to never wear it again. which is why i need to be rich and famous and get free clothes.
no not really.
maybe a little.
really when it comes down to it, just looking at clothes makes me happy. even if i dont get to buy them. i spent 3 hours at the rack yesterday just browsing and trying things on, didnt buy anything, and while i was slightly discouraged that designer clothes aren't made for my predominantly hour glass figure (im sorry, but yes, im complaining about it. extreme measurements are a pain), but generally just being around clothes makes me feel better about life.
newest addition: vintage bright blue cropped yves saint laurent jacket. i cant wait for it to come in the mail. i keep checking the tracking hoping somehow its jumped across the nation.
oh well. pictures to come once i got it.
im already planning on the wonderful outfits ill put together

Saturday, April 24, 2010

life lesson: if you model shoes...shave your freaking legs.

ok so this is one of the many pairs of shoes i stalk. they're Jefferey Campbell's "tick" shoe. and they're absolutely amazing. i think i've finally decided that im going to get them for myself.

but thats all really besides the point. its not why i started writing this post.

the real reason......

i dont think you can see it in this picture, but the one from is up, UP freaking close. and good god. IF YOU ARE A LEG/SHOE MODEL SHAVE YOUR FREAKING LEGS. im sorry but thats just disgusting. if i didnt love these already so much as it is, i dont think i would buy them after seeing this. i mean its not just unhygienic. but it's just flat out bad marketing.

it would be like tillamook showing moldy cheese.


for the amount that these models are getting paid (and dont take this as model bashing, im all for models. holler.), i think you can spend the dollar fifty on some shaving cream, and...ATLEAST....a disposable razor or something.

if you are this model. send me an email. ill send you the stuff for you.

on a lighter note. those shoes have my soul wrapped around their pinkie finger. i might actually be drooling. give it a week. they'll be in my life.