Saturday, April 24, 2010

life lesson: if you model shoes...shave your freaking legs.

ok so this is one of the many pairs of shoes i stalk. they're Jefferey Campbell's "tick" shoe. and they're absolutely amazing. i think i've finally decided that im going to get them for myself.

but thats all really besides the point. its not why i started writing this post.

the real reason......

i dont think you can see it in this picture, but the one from is up, UP freaking close. and good god. IF YOU ARE A LEG/SHOE MODEL SHAVE YOUR FREAKING LEGS. im sorry but thats just disgusting. if i didnt love these already so much as it is, i dont think i would buy them after seeing this. i mean its not just unhygienic. but it's just flat out bad marketing.

it would be like tillamook showing moldy cheese.


for the amount that these models are getting paid (and dont take this as model bashing, im all for models. holler.), i think you can spend the dollar fifty on some shaving cream, and...ATLEAST....a disposable razor or something.

if you are this model. send me an email. ill send you the stuff for you.

on a lighter note. those shoes have my soul wrapped around their pinkie finger. i might actually be drooling. give it a week. they'll be in my life.

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